About Us

Fuel the Fire TV is a hunting and fishing series that first aired on the Wild TV network beginning in 2016. Season 2 of FTFTV also aired on the Wild TV network for 26 weeks. Season 4 of FTFTV is currently airing on the new Sportsman Channel Canada. Eleven new episodes will air from April to July and then 2 additional episodes will be added to the line up for quarter 4 of 2019 which will run again from October through until the end of December 2019.


The series documents a team of hunters and anglers with Producer/Host, Neil Debassige, as they pursue all types of wild game in Ontario and beyond. The show calls Manitoulin Island it’s home as most of the team have a connection to the Island. The series will document the ups and downs associated with hunting, fishing, working, and raising families on the largest fresh-water island in the world. Fuel your passion, fuel the fire and get outdoors!